Tips to Protect Yourself From Online Matrimony Fraud

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How does a matrimonial site work?

  • Should check the reliability of the site:

Before you start an account on an online matrimonial site, you must check the honesty of the site because the virtual world is filled with scam sites. You must interview your friends and talk about your plans. If available you can talk to some people who might have got their groom through matrimonial sites and seek their opinion. Plus, you can also search for a certified batch of the site. There are lots of reliable online matrimony sites that add a verified batch to the profiles that have been double-checked by the authorized team. If you go through a verified team, you can take your communication further with the person without thinking much.

  • Should check the background of the person:

The person you select on a matrimonial site could dress to be your life partner. Therefore, it is important that you take this authority and do an accurate profile check. Check each and every detail carefully. You should have a look at where they stay, check out the education and workplace, and see if the story goes again harmlessly. At any point you realize there is an imbalance, feel free to ask questions to the person.

  • Try to meet always in public places:

Once you have done a thorough history check and are convinced that the person is what he or she has mentioned being on the matrimonial site, it is time to meet the person. After proposing online and over the phone, if you feel safe enough to meet the person, go for it. You should select the place carefully and always choose a public place because you never know what type of a person he or she might be.

  • Must be careful if the person tries to get too personal:

It is not compulsory to share any personal details with the person when you meet him or her. You have to avoid the person if he or she starts asking you about your single life and your future life. If you got the proposal for a meeting at the person’s house when you see them for the first time, it would be a good choice to turn down the invitation.

  • Should never entertain any request for money:

The world of online matrimonial sites is not always secure and we frequently get to know about how people get fooled by scams they meet online. In fact, there are lots of people who use these services to cheat others, and often money is their main reason. We know that it is very easy for some people to declare their love and take the other party for a ride by creating bad situations and asking for economical help. Please do not fall for such a way and be careful if the person you met on a matrimonial site asks for cash.

Benefits of online matrimony sites?

  • Widespread search
  • Easy accessibility
  • Save time and money
  • Results according to your preference
  • Security

Is Online Matrimony Safe?

Today, millions use online matrimony sites to search for a life partner and millions have easy to find their life partner online. There have been a few details reported in the media about cheaters cheating some people on online matrimony sites. While we take every desirable step to make your search on our site safe, we strongly recommend you to be mindful and follow a few guidelines during this trip. Safe Matrimony is our leadership to guide you to a safe search:

  • Choose who views your photo
  • Choose who sees your number
  • Safety for women
  • Protect your horoscope

How to identify fake matrimonial profiles or frauds?

  • Extend the word and push people to Promise on our website
  • They do not agree to show their face, afraid to come on video chat as well.
  • Afraid to meet in person for a possible one-on-one interplay.
  • Most of the cheaters create fake profiles and scam money from males and females so be careful.
  • Express "love" quickly even before fully comprehending each other.
  • Sound inconsistent or doubtful when we ask for his or her personal details.
  • Anyone is in a mad speedup for an early wedding without a suitable reason.
  • Start to Find Out about your properties and income and start demanding money.

How to Protect Yourself from Online Matrimony Frauds

  • Thorough Profile Check:

The profile you liked on online matrimony apps or sites could turn out to be your life partner. Hence, it is compulsory that you do a thorough profile check. Have a look at where they stay, their education, parents, and workplace, and see if the story told online matches the background check. Visit their place of work. Do a thorough personal note check. You should also look at their social media accounts.

  • Always Look for ‘Verified’ Profile Matches:

Many matrimonial websites have checked profiles that have been clearly backgrounding checked by a verification professional. Ideally, you can progress communication forward with a person having a verified badge. Marriage is a lifelong decision. If you feel the other person is ordering you to take things forward faster, be firm to take a back step.

  • Never give Money to Anyone:

Do not transfer money to the expected groom or bride in any situation. On the occasion when someone asks you for money citing some cause or the other, you should become cautious and it's suggested that you avoid any further calls from them.

  • Never Reveal your Account Information:

Keep your username and password secure. No one ever asks you for the same. For your protection, change the password on and off. To enter a matrimony website, always type in the correct URL in your browser window. Do not click on unsecured“short” links sent via SMS or WhatsApp.

  • Stay safe while Meeting in Person:

While meeting in the outlook for features, it is recommended that you meet in safe public places. Always keep all your family informed about your meetings with prospects.

Security features of Matrimony Sites

  • You control your profile view on matrimony sites
  • You can decide what information should share with others
  • Verified Contact Details (Verified Email ID and Phone Number)
  • Your contact number is visible only if you allow