Inter Caste Marriage Is A Good Choice Or A Bad Choice?

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Hinduism did not directly state that an individual from other castes was not to be married, but that is highly encouraged marriages from the same castes to support the community. So, in inter-caste marriage, there is absolutely nothing wrong. But some people thought that it is the top quality sin that directly shows the way to hell. Now the youngsters are almost against caste-based marriages. Love does not come by looking at which caste you are living and what gender you are related to, love is the only thing in this world that comes without any restrictions.

What is inter-caste marriage?

Inter-caste marriage means the marriage between one of the spouses of the Scheduled Caste and the other of the non-scheduled Caste to be used as a marriage for this Scheme. This marriage is legal under government law and is properly registered under the Hindu Marriage Act.

Are inter-caste marriages in India successful?

When the marriage is inter-caste, the backbone is love. This partnership goes even further if the partners don’t mess with their families and their lives. If it does not make marital arrangements, so your partner is not allowed to play caste cards with your family and community.

What are the benefits of inter-caste marriage?

  • There is no end to thoughts and experiences:
    When two individuals of faith marry, their thoughts and perspectives shift. Acceptance rises and the tolerance towards persons from different backgrounds grows. Your thoughts are widespread, and every day you see life in different views which is one of the most important advantages of inter-caste marriage.
  • You have new things to remember:
    Marriage with someone from another caste is a reality that involves learning new things. Their way of life and making, you will hear how a certain society is. You will also have a variety of festivals that will make your home more enjoyable and fun. That is why life is turning into a peaceful ride which is another inter-caste marriage benefit.
  • You have intelligent children:
    According to an investigation, in inter-religion marriage, the children born to parents from diverse castes are most intelligent and know even more about the world outside. Because genes vary, children are smarter compared to children who are born to parents of the same religion.

Some Indian states provide financial support for inter-caste marriages and some also offer government job opportunities that contribute to the inter-caste marriage benefit.

What are the Problems for an Inter-caste marriage?

  • Parents and relatives deem it an offense to their honour, and the “bloodline” of their family is considered as poisoned.
  • The resistance of parents and relatives of the family leads to family fights. Some families still restrict their children for their transgression. They reject their own children.
  • The Murder of honour is a major issue in India, and schooling or economic development has no importance for the tribe.
  • The differences in lifestyles and cultures may be a problem considering the compatibility of spouses from different castes.
  • Inter-caste marriages in India face different issues engaging with members of the group in small and remote societies where residents know each other.
  • Children from inter-caste couples can find arranged marriage problematic as negative behaviours can be seen on the inter-caste mark.
  • Problems related to wealth legacy and proprietary controversy are common threats in when inter-caste marriage

Living in the same building with two separate castes implies a greater degree of adaptability and adjustment. You do not sometimes want to choose to adopt their customs or cultures, but you certainly learn to adapt and adjust according to their rituals.
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