How To Recognize and Avoid Abuse in Marriage Life?

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Abuse comes in lots of different forms and all of them are harmful and have the potential to create short and/or long-term effects. It has such an impact value that when it is brought up in conference, most people instantly enter rejection. No one wants to believe another human being is efficient at inflicting such pain and horror on another person so they begin to rationalize it, which is harmful as well. Justifying can happen for both victims and abusers, which is how the series continues. There are many types of abuse and while we inspire you to learn about them all. Here are 4 important agreements in this stage that we need to identify and understand together before we can continue:

Verbal / Emotional Abuse:

  • The abuser insults or tries to snub you
  • The abuser attacks you for being overly touchy
  • The abuser forces their way into your personal gap or blocks you from moving away
  • The abuser breaks the wall, spoils their fists, or throws surrounding households

Physical Abuse:

  • The abuser physically keeps you under control
  • The abuser is not giving food or necessary medication
  • The abuser injures your body, hits, cuts, burns, chokes, or bites you
  • The abuser forcefully drugs you

Sexual Abuse:

  • The abuser performs a sexual act on you without your permission
  • The abuser drugs you all right to perform a sexual act on you without your permission
  • The abuser forces you to do a sexual act on them without your permission
  • The abuser forces you to do a sexual act on other people without your permission

Domestic Abuse:

  • The abuser will dismantle your personal belongings or property
  • The abuser controls your banking or refuses to provide money for your daily needs
  • The abuser stops you from enjoying time with your parents or friends
  • The abuser insults, shames, or demeans you in front of the community or another person

Most abusers aren’t mindful that they are crossing the limits and if they are, they have a story they tell themselves of why it’s a defend action. Many victims aren’t ready or are too ashamed to admit that they are being abused. They, too, have a story they tell themselves of why it’s justified or not as sad as they think and feel. Many of them may also be scared that they won’t be trusted or that they’ll have to work hard to convince someone else of what’s happening, so they keep quiet. This is how the crual and age-old cycle of abuse works. A cycle that we need to all work together to expose and eliminate.

You might be a current or past victim of abuse, if…

  • Some tones of voice, smells, behaviors, places, thoughts, or feelings prompt you to extreme anger, anxiety attacks, rapid heartbeat, shaking, vomiting, dizziness or make you powerfully feel the need to flee or escape your environment.
  • The fear of allowed, disappointing, or failing your partner causes you stronger stress or panic.
  • If you often cancel plans to avoid having the people you love getting participate or making reason.
  • If your spouse has ever been unwilling to have sex, even after explicitly saying NO someone in your life uses scary or stressing words or behavior to shape you into some behavior.
  • You feel frequent anxiety or tension in your body that you cannot otherwise determine.

Someone you love might be a victim of abuse, if…

  • If they always cancel plans or make up reasons why you cannot see them directly.
  • If they always make excuses for their spouse’s toxic behavior
  • If they win when you hold them off guard, try to touch their arm in conversation, or hug them.
  • If they get in an unknowing position when talking about a past experience with a family member, neighbor, etc.
  • If they are insensitive out to large amounts of alcohol, drugs, or anything other stuff on a regular basis.

You might be an abuser if…

  • Your spouse/partner acts scared of you or has made comments that they have to walk on cover surround you.
  • Other people look at you in a distressed nature when you involve with your partner.
  • You have totally touchy outbursts that result in you physically breaking objects around you or beating out at your children or partner in any way.
  • Had a parent or guardian that abused you as a child and you frequently see them on your own.
  • During a clash with your spouse or children, you feel like you cannot cage the beast inside you; you may also feel an “out of body” type of struggle where you know that the way you are treating them is not okay, but you can’t seem to stop or control it.

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