Are You a Trustworthy Spouse?

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Marriage is built on trust, beliefs, love and intimacy flourish in an environment of integrity and faithfulness, they wither and die when these are missing.

Every marriage starts with a vow, the forming of a trust, that you would forsake all others so that you would continue to love, respect, and cherish each other. Whether you’re rich or poor, healthy or sick, in a good or bad situation, you would both be trustworthy to one another for life.

Let’s be honest, you want to trust that your partner will always tell you the truth, about what he or she is feeling, thinking, and what they do.

You believe that your partner is committed to staying faithful and making the right choices to do so. He or she is not sharing things they can’t share with you with someone else, your soulmate isn’t flirting or grabbing attention from others. You’re believing that your partner will always have your best interest at heart, no matter what the situation is. You believe the best that his or her motives are pure toward you. When you trust your spouse, it means that you rely on them for almost everything. So, in good times or bad, nothing would ever come in your way. With trust in your marriage, you’ll always feel safe and secure about your spouse. While being able to trust your spouse is important and being a trustworthy person is even more important.

So let’s take a quick evaluation of yourself whether you are a trustworthy partner or not:

  • Are you telling your partner the truth about what you’re thinking … feeling and doing?
  • Are you protecting yourself from the temptation of getting too intimate with someone else … from sharing your heart with another?
  • Are you looking out for the best interest of your partner?
  • Are you believing the best in your partner?

The best path to make and maintain trust in your marriage is to become a trustworthy partner. OK! After the self-evaluation, you need to make sure that the questions that are asked below make you uncomfortable or not Let’s get started:

Are you reliable?

Many times, when you are in the phase of knowing each other, always make promises. Some promises we keep, but many we don’t! That’s the reason for all the problems in your relationship.

When you promise something to your partner, you mean to be with your partner in every situation but if you do not follow through, your partner will start feeling frustrated.

An honest person is always reliable, no matter what. The condition changes when you have an overcrowded schedule.

So, what should be done? There are certain responsibilities and things for which you should learn to say No!

This will free you up and give you the time to catch up with your own schedule and then the remaining time that you have, you need to go back to your partner and show them that they are your priority.

Thus, in order to show your reliability, always say what you mean and mean what you say! Always keep your promises and don’t make the promises that you cannot keep!

Do you admit your mistakes?

A trustworthy partner is always someone who admits their mistakes. Partner will apologize without being told to do so. We are not that perfect people and let’s just face the truth, we all make things mess sometimes. So, in order to make it right and make things for the better, you need to look out for ways to find peace and harmony with your partner.

Ego, insecurities, pride, and more not knowing how to make things better can all get in the middle of your way of admitting your mistakes. So, own up and sometimes it is always better to say sorry first if you know that it can bring a smile to your spouse’s face.

Do you show compassion?

Close your eyes and think of that person you trust the most. Now, you have most likely thought about someone, who has always shown empathy and compassion to you, in your darkest days.

Such a person will always think of what’s best for you without making any judgments. You know that this person always understands your feelings. They always see you, they always listen to you and they care for you, in the most selfless way possible.

So, these are the questions, and if your answer to all these questions is yes, Salute to you! You are the person who anyone can trust.

However, if an answer to one or more of the questions is no, you need to take immediate steps to work on your relationship. Don’t wait, till it’s too late.

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