Latest Wedding Trends 2021 - Don’t Miss it Out!

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Marriages are perhaps made in heaven but all the work to make it look and feel heavenly without doubt has to be done here. Whether it’s a warm private ceremony or a total event, everyone wants a memorable wedding. And what’s better than following the new-gen wedding trends to have the trendiest wedding.

1. Choose A Matrimony Site:
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Now, you need not negotiate with situations and people. As an alternative, you can find a life partner on your own terms. These free marriage websites in Kerala are E-service required to fill in some necessary information on their registration portal and you may begin your search. We have listed reasons why you must choose the best matrimony site for Trends that you can’t afford to miss.

  • Easy and Quick

  • Simple Registration

  • Easily Approachable

  • Highly Affordable

  • Expert Advice

  • Open & Free Platform

  1. Event: enter image description here
    Luxe indicates weddings are in this season. Invites, wedding gifts, dress, venue, everything is personalized to mirror the couple’s personal style. Technology has opened doors to striking options, wedding planners take care of everything, gift registries are simplifying things, live entertainment, and ringmasters are popping up the mood to make sure everyone has a good time.

  2. Venue: enter image description here
    Weddings have been very popular for quite some time now, but the latest trend is to remodel any space the couple likes into a dreamy charmy wedding set-up. Reasonable settings are in as they charge the place with good energy. Live botanical arrangements with overhead floral displays are in demand too as they really make space shine up. Metallic details of silver and copper are also being used to give it a homey charm.

  3. Invites: enter image description here
    Traditional paper invites are being changed by online e-invites and couples video invites as they are fun and faster to send. Embodying handmade invites is another popular chance as they can be kept as an art memory.

  4. Dress: enter image description here
    This is the season to show off your own unique style. Thanks to creative designers, brides can now venture with various colors and styles and get their own unique wedding costumes. It can be bold or pastel, traditional or fusion, offbeat or simple, anything the bride desires. The grooms are not left behind one or the other. There are a lot of beautique creating simple yet super stylish designs for the grooms.

  5. Gifting: enter image description here
    Thanks to the gifts registry, couples no longer have to deal with unhappy useless gifts. They can make a wish list and send it out to the guests so they get definitely what they want. This also makes easy things for the guests who most often keep wondering what to give. The couple can even ask for money offered through the gift registry. It could be to finance their first outing, new home, car, or anything they need to begin their new life together. This is one of the new-gen wedding trends that you need to absolutely opt for!

  6. Food: enter image description here
    This is the part that everyone loves and hidden looks forward to at the wedding. Right from the starters to the desserts, everything is being recreated this season. Motif buffets, fusion flavors, and fancy plating are hot this season. So go ahead and choose your options from these recent wedding trends as per your design and budget. This season is all about reshaping and creating the perfect dream wedding. It’s your day so enjoy it your way. Hope it helped you with some intensity. So if you are planning, you can check our virtual celebration services to honor your loved ones virtually.

It is very important that you discover the most suitable life partner who will share the risk-taking journey of your life with all its strain and pleasures for the rest of your life. Hence, you cannot take this undertaking softly. Now you can without issues find the loved person in a normal way. The best matrimony services in Kerala offer all types of religious people, according to your preference you can find out your better half. It’s fun to have a partner who is well known for your lifestyle. So, don’t waste time on wedding planning and register today to find your life partner with ease.

10 Common Communication Breakdowns to Avoid in Marriage

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What is communication breakdowns in marriage?

This is usual, the communication breakdowns between couples can be defined as the couples failing the healthy way of communication that may be about misunderstandings or disagreements. During this time, no one is ready to listen to each other’s points.

What causes communication breakdowns in marriage?

Repeated arguments and disagreements can sometimes lead to a communication breakdown between the couples, and it may cause loss of a healthy communication space between each other in the relationship. In some cases, such communication issues often lead to divorce. Avoid these issues and try to create a comfortable communication space between each other.

“ As your communication goes, so goes your marriage.”

Here are the 10 common communication breakdowns in marriage:

  1. Not really listening:
    The massive problem with communication is just not listening. Many of our communication problems would go away if we just keenly listened to one another.
  2. Speaking before thinking:
    Guilty! I’m guilty! So many times I say things as a response, and those times it normally doesn’t go well. Take your time and think early, speaking and responding to your partner.
  3. Only talking about what you want to talk about:
    I call this push-up on her. Sometimes I just overburden her with things I’m dealing with, not caring to hear what she’s managing with. Too many of those chats and you might be calling your marriage guide for help as well. Nowadays the best matrimony sites in Kerala give a chance to communicate with selected profiles. Trusted Matchmaking sites are giving chat boxes upon one click in their site for help to find perfect partners with full customer support.
  4. Raising your voice:
    You can help yourself in this area when you think before chatting as specified above. You may need to take a respite to gather yourself, but boosting your voice doesn’t serve you or your wife well.
  5. Negative non-verbal communication:
    Your non-verbal chating— facial expressions, gestures, etc — will affect your conversations as well. Maybe you never say anything wrong, but you sure did say something bad with your negative sign language, which can be worse.
  6. Speaking in superlatives:
    You always. You never. Every single time. Ever spoken those words? There are few things, if any, that your wife every time does, never does, or does every single time. Using these words can be hurtful to your marriage.
  7. Degrading your spouse:
    This should go without chatting, but I’ll say it anyhow. Never ever discredit your spouse. You should look to raise her up, to encourage her, to love her as you love yourself.
  8. Playing the blame game:
    If a miscommunication or a misread is made, don't let your first feeling be the responsibility of your wife (even if it is her fault.) The blame game or showing fingers doesn’t work. You are one. That means you both have joint blame for whatever happened. Talk through it together, find the learning lucky chance for her and for you.
  9. Looking to be understood first instead of understanding:
    Aim to know what she is thinking, what she is sensing, what she is handling. Before you try to get her to figure you out, first understand her and her attitude. It just may change your opinion before you even share it.
  10. Bringing up the past:
    Do not keep score and do not bring up your past achievements or your wife’s past losses (mistakes). There is no positive intention in that. It is a losing plan of action when it comes to communication in marriage.

How Matrimony can help for healthy communication before Marriage?

We are giving personalized and professional customer service to singles looking for true love. Utilize free matrimony apps to find your perfect life partner. Sign up today with a Million Matrimony and we will provide a free chatting option with your selected profiles, make your good and healthy communication with our verified bride and groom profiles.

How to Have a Happy Marriage? Important Keys For A Long And Successful Marriage

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When we want to determine success in a marriage; it goes beyond just judging the right partner in marriage. Yes, getting the right partner is a big leap in the right direction; but it is not enough in itself to guarantee lasting success in marriage. You have your part to play as well; what guarantees lifelong success is in your being the right partner.

  • A Happy Couple:
    Development mixed with faithfulness is mandatory to make things work in marriage. There are many marriage promises that have been broken today. But when the spark of love was still very hot; none of the parties ever daydream of putting an end to the declaration of marriage. We shall touch on some of the factors that you will need to ensure a successful marriage.
  • Commitment:
    This is born out of true love. It is the infrastructure upon which every marriage should be located. The love which leads to the obligation that we are referring to here is deeper than the ones we see in Bollywood. It is for real. The commitment to each other should be there through strong and light. It is a passing that should drive the everyday survival of every couple. If this type of commitment can be stimulated in a union; there will be little cause for worry in the marriage matrimony.
  • Faithfulness:
    We shall be overall faithfulness in its very broad range. You need to be trustworthy to each other in everything that you do. Life must not be lived in separation from each other. Of particular importance is faithfulness in things relating to sex. This has been the chief bomber of many homes today. There are many couples out there who are hardly tolerating each other because of the wound exposed through sexual affairs.

    When you are married; you should teach your eyes and mind not to look trustfully at other women/men; you have to train the affection of your mind not to lose after the opposite sex outside your marriage. If couples can ingest this type of training; they will not have issues of not successful marriages that are so very common around us today. When the arranged marriage through the best matrimony site can help to introduce believable family and person.
  • Humility:
    You have to be disgraceful if you want your marriage to last. No man or woman is a perfect fellow here on earth. Mistakes will happen; errors will be committed; it will take humbleness to eat the humble pie. When you are at fault; admit it and retract if you want the relationship to grow. One moment; you may even be right; if your partner will have nothing of that; then accept guilt-even when you are right! That way, there will be no break in the free marriage website in Kerala. When your spouse settles down, you can discuss the issue again; this time under the pressure of peace; issues can be resolved under such an agreeable atmosphere.
  • Patience:
    The union is the consolidation of two different individuals coming together to live their lives together as one inseparable entity. One may be fast while the other is slow. One may be without sufficient attention while the other may be a stickler. This is the coming together of two-person characters and capacity is the key that is needed to flow together for a happy joining.
  • Spend Time Together:
    No relationship will last without consideration of individual differences. How do you get to know each other if you do not spend kind time together? Invest in spending time with each other and you will get a better understanding of personal interest. By utilizing Online matrimony portals in Kerala, you will get more time and opportunities to know more deeply about your would-be. Also, by spending more time together, we can understand each other’s perspectives and personal interests.

Important Questions Every Parent Should Ask the Man Who Wants to Marry Your Daughter

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Marriage Tradition in India

A traditional engagement is a part of the Kerala wedding program over here becomes the Nischayam. The two families celebrate the happy occasion by swapping the bride and groom's matched and agreed horoscopes. After this, a Mothiram Maattal takes place, which is a traditional name for the ring ceremony.

Everyone go for online matrimonies to choose future son in law

Some believe the profile tradition is on the rise, in part because of the very quick pace of modern life and the growing popularity of online matrimony Websites. Most probably 80% of Indian people trusted these free marriage websites and found their future son-in-law.

Give your Son/Daughter the freedom to Choose

My family is quite liberal and has never pressured me or pushed me into doing something I didn’t want to but still, as a society, there is a long way to go. It is in the little things that your family does to show the backing and that stay with you in the long run.

Freedom To Choose

  • Dear parents, give your kids the freedom to choose their life partner: The marriage force in the lives of Indian women is real. No directly do they reach their twenties when their parents start to groom chase for them. Starting from creating profiles on top matrimony websites to asking all their companions if they know of some “suitable boy”, they do all to arrange a groom for their daughters.
  • Introduce a trusted matrimony site: A wedding should be easy and convenient. That's why we connect the best of personalized matching with online technology to bring you a more perfect marriage involvement. Million Matrimony, one of the best matrimony site in Kerala, is specially created for Malayalee brides and grooms. Millions of Happy Marriages. We Match Better. 100% verified Profiles. Trusted by Millions.

Everyone goes to an online matrimony portal to choose their perfect soulmate with their parent's blessing. They provide personalized and professional customer service for singles who are searching for true love. Choose the high-end marriage-matching services in Kerala to find your perfect life partner, if you are looking for a Malayalee partner.

Here are the 9 Questions every parent should ask the man who wants to marry your daughter

  • Are you ready to make a lifelong commitment? I believe there are still some solid benchmarks to help both genders agree between long-term partnering or short-term occurring in an order of explorations. Those qualifications are neither mysterious nor hard to understand but may have become buried by media hype and impossible expectations. Here is what I've seen:

Readiness: They start looking for attributes in partners that wear well over time, rather than those that give short-term passion. They realize that good relationships need continuous investments of commitment, and they're not fooling themselves that always happens automatically.

Past Baggage: Both partners in new relationships can't start anew if they haven't dealt with those demons from the past. Some prior damage will, of course, carry into the present, and a new partner has the right to know what is coming down the freeway before wading in those waters. Bad past lives are not the problem. Not learning from them, is.

  • What qualities do you see in my daughter that make you want to marry her? Marriage is a big life promise that you should not make without a lot of thought and observation.

  • How do you plan to money support my daughter? A newly married couple cannot “leave” Mom and Dad if the couple is still counting on them for housing or financial support. If the husband and wife can’t financially support their own or live at their own place, I would question their fitness for marriage.

  • How do you manage conflict? There is no such thing as a win-lose place of activity in marriage. You will win or lose together. Your goal is to better understand how your daughter and her proposed husband function as a team and to encourage your future son-in-law to always treat your daughter as a balanced partner.

  • Do you agree on core values and big dreams? What are man's most essential values? Does he value honesty? Commitment? Generosity? Sacrifice? Do he and your daughter allow the “big stuff,” such as children, professional goals, and the like? Do they both commonly want the same things out of life? Ask if they’ve talked about each other's intensity, hopes, and dreams for what the future might look like. Make sure they’re both heading in the same way.

  • What are your personal and career goals? The truth is parents want to know that their outward-looking son-in-law isn’t going to sit on his butt and play video games all day long. It’s not that women can’t be the wage earner, but that doesn’t give the guy the right to be inactive. Parents want to know if their possible son-in-law has dreams and ambitions, but more than anything, they just want to know that he will be a hard worker, no matter what career he seeks.

  • Why do you think you merit to marry my daughter? Yes, it’s a weighted question, but don’t forget, he came asking for your support. You might as well see what he thinks qualifies him for marriage, let alone a wedding to your daughter. Finally, if you’ve had all your questions answered and are fulfilled with his answers, give the poor guy your blessing, and let him breathe a sigh of relief.

  • How do you think about getting marriage counseling When Your Marriage Is In Trouble? Many couples decide to begin relationship counseling because they don't know how it can help them. You may feel as if traditional methods of practice won’t work for you, or maybe you don’t understand the options. On the other hand, you might be sure that you need help, but you don’t know what to expect. The answer every parent is looking for is: “exactly. I will do whatever it takes to save my own marriage.”

  • Do you expect dowry? What's your opinion about the dowry system? To take a dowry from any family, whether it’s well-settled or vibrate, is cheap. It’s just a beggar practiced by a well-dressed link. No person has the right to expect even one rupee from you, especially in a marital meeting. A dowry is a marital shakedown. It doesn’t make any sense for you to give your daughter and all your money to a bunch of debased rascals. You will lose your health and your biggest wealth: your daughter.

Don't give more importance to social status rather than the mental state of the child. Let them choose their partner by themself with your consent. Utilize the benefits of the best matrimony app in Kerala, like Million Matrimony. All families can together find a better person for their kids. Recent studies show that 80% of the users opting for registration prefer going online in search of a life partner because they find more choices as correlated to brokers. The majority of customers' options for registration at Million Matrimony are between 18 and 35 years of age.

Here’s an assemblage of the benefits of using online matrimony services

  • Widespread Search
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Save time and money
  • Results according to your preference
  • Security

Giving Dowry Won’t ‘Secure’ Your Daughter’s Future!

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The dowry is an old-fashioned tradition found across cultures, religions, and time periods. It is not known where dowries originated, but the procedure takes place in wedding ceremonies even today. Who all registered in online matrimony sites, are really looking for perfect life partners, not for cash settlement.

What is Dowry?

A dowry is a gift of generous monetary value given from either the bride or groom to their future one of a married couple upon marriage. Once found a bride, then every family will discuss the dowry, it includes so many things it's not only the money, which also includes:

  • Gold
  • Vehicle
  • Land
  • House

How did Dowry start in India?

Marriage in India is drenched in traditions and deep-rooted cultural beliefs. The procedure is passed down by word of mouth and in some cases, re-interpreted to the family with the changing times. There is, however, one custom that determinedly resists change: the dowry system.

In India, it has its roots in antique times when a gift in cash or kind was given to a bride by her family to maintain her free life after marriage. During the colonial period, it became the only official way to get married, with the British making the practice of dowry compulsory. The flow in present India, with its growing economy, is now supportive of ever-higher bride prices among all socioeconomic strata. But the increasing bride price has brought with it growing in violence against women. Best matrimony websites in Kerala not encouraging people to follow useless practices.

Dowry violence is usually committed by the husband or the in-laws in a bid to obtain a higher dowry from the bride's family. The dowry price paid at the time of marriage may be powerful, but the excess of husbands and in-laws can grow after marriage. This intermittent translates into physical, mental, or sexual violence against the bride. The violence ranges from scathing genitalia or breasts with a cutting instrument to burning her alive by pouring kerosene on her. In some cases, women are compelled to suicide. Currently, the best marriage websites have one of the best dowries against support through pre-marriage counseling with trusted social workers.

Dowry is a deposit made in cash or type to a bride’s in-laws at the time of her marriage. The amount depends on a large number of aspects, including region, religion, caste and subcaste, groom’s education, bride’s skin tone, and the agreement skills of both the families implicated in action. Even though the dowry has been against the law in India since 1961, it is still frequent. Actual numbers are not known, but unreliable about half of the weddings in my family and friend's group link dowry.

Say No To Dowry with Million Matrimony

A girl living in this nation can see many shadows of Indian culture which everyone guesses to be the richest in the world. From all those so-called rich cultural shades of our country, It would like to debate the one which we couldn’t imagine to be more shameful to a society. “Dowry”. This word itself makes us feel so regretful for being a part of the race that is treated to be reasonable on this planet. Just mention when you create a profile on Million Matrimony, the best expectation is that there is "No Dowry".

Do you think Dowry can secure your daughter's life?

For many families, there is a latent belief that lavish weddings and expensive ‘gifts’ will bring respect to the bride and her family, and ensure that women are dealt with well in their wedded homes.

“You cannot buy a good marriage. No show of wealth, gifts of dowry will ensure that your daughter will have peace and desire in her marital home,”. “It also sets a wrong criterion for others, including lower socio-economic classes. They believe that they should also put on offensive displays of wealth in marriages to maintain or earn a good social standing. None of this is really going to secure the well-being of the women in these marriages,” and also promotes having one trusted matrimony app on your mobiles who all started to search for a better half.

What is the punishment for Dowry in India?

Lawyers and lobbyists argue that as much progress has been made thanks to the prevention of the Dowry Act, there is still a long way to go. In this situation, Santhakumari points out that the Supreme Court’s recent directives about Section 498A, dealing with private violence, are a great setback. On the excuse of avoiding the law from being misused, she argues, redressal has been set further out of reach for women who face harassment for dowry from getting immediate reprisal.

Why is Dowry still an important fact in Kerala Marriage?

Runaway from the people who talk about dowry. They’re toxic. They will not love your daughter. And your daughter is not something that you should contract before society for your pride. Say No To Dowry! Stop Giving! Stop Buying! If you are a woman, 10 things to consider before your daughter marriage:

  • Get Educated
  • Be financially independent, Be employed
  • Utilize the freedom to choose your partner with the permission of your parents
  • Marriage is a choice, not enforcement
  • Say No to Dowry
  • Share all marriage spends equally by groom and bride
  • Take care your marriage spends by yourself
  • Engage with the person you love, not the gender, caste, or class
  • Choose the partner from trusted matrimonial sites
  • Marriage is not a lock for girls and girls dream

How to “Say NO to Dowry” through Matrimony Sites?

Utilize online matrimony services to find a perfect partner that matches all of your marriage preferences. Top matrimony sites are showing their homepage advertisement as a reminder to say no dowry. And also including the importance of marriage and the correct way of choosing a partner. While screening the profile can understand the stand of the dowry from the opposite profile. Million Matrimony, one of the best matchmaking sites in Kerala, doesn't encourage the thinking of a dowry system, and strongly says to parents, your daughter is not something that you should trade before society for your pride. Say No To Dowry!

Mothers, Did You Tell Your Daughters about These Marriage Secrets?

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Hearty mother-daughter relationships are defined by edges and qualities set forth by the mother and daughter. Both have accountability to one another, and the relationship should not be one way. When correctly nurtured, the mother-daughter relationship can be one of the good ones out there. Happily married couples enjoy enhanced mental health status, according to researchers. They are getting sick-less often, have fewer depression and anxiety, and suffer less from loneliness and feelings of silence. Here’s a list of interest in being in a healthy relationship:

  • Someone to have fun with and share a background with
  • Better physical health
  • Longer life

Someone to support you in your personal aim and dreams. You are more likely to complete your goals when you verbalize them to other people. A shared sense of meaning and intent in life. vigorous couples create meaning together whether that’s sharing guests, contributing to a community together, workout religion together, etc.

Less stress. Healthy couples are able to provide satisfaction for one another and support one another in the face of stress. The freedom to care for someone else. Caring for others is shown to have good health benefits. Someone to history for your life. Your partner is an observer of who you are and what you do. Your life is important to your partner and an element to them.

Safe and secure family life for you to grow in. You rest in the love and protection of your relationship and, therefore, can become your best edition of yourself. Healthy, safe attachment relationships are the best place for personal growth.

Emotional support. Your partner legalizes your reality and helps you make sense of your life experiences.

Important Marriage Secrets A Mother Should Share With Her Daughter

What are the things that parents should tell their daughters before they get married? Still, many mothers don’t know how to prepare their daughters for married life. Here are some important things to remember for every mother to share with their daughters.

  • Be independent
  • Be a good listener
  • Communicate
  • Keep intimacy alive
  • Your Body Is Not An Object Of Desire
  • Togetherness is the Secret for Happiness
  • Adjustment
  • Make the House Your Home
  • Forgiveness and Acceptance

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How to find a perfect match on matrimony sites?

Every mother should have a doubt that, how can I manipulate an online matrimony site to find a perfect match for her daughter independently? Nowadays, to have faster methods of getting married, the younger generation registers their own on various matrimonial sites. These sites enable people to find matches for needy people. It also helps to save time from going from one place to another. But before registering onto these matrimonial sites, always check the reference of the site. We tell you how; Don’t speed up to get married to the subject person you meet online. It is important to wait because time will tell the correct story. For selecting a partner from the matrimonial site first it is important to find out whether that site is authorized or fake. How many people are aware of that site? That can be done by asking the community or friends.

If you can find a perfect match from a trusted matrimony site like Million Matrimony, you can trust it. It is not fake . Then look for the place of living, religion, and education qualification. To find out the eligibility it is important to check the certificates. Sometimes wrong education or job description is given. It is done to attract the author's registered profile. For a job, detail find out the place and period of working. It can be done by giving a call or visiting the office at any time. If it is close then spend some time to find out whether that person is working or not. If all things are perfect then call the person over the phone. Talking to the person also gives the opinion. It is a must to visit the interested person at his/her home in the company of his/her parents/ relatives not once but at least a lot of times. persuade the accountable person over to your family home as well.

How to Know You Have Married the Right Person?

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Indian marriage tradition and concept

In India, arranged marriages still continue the majorly favorite way for Indians to enter into matrimony. In the case of an arranged marriage, family and other relatives decide on a life partner that they assume suitable for their child. They keep in mind different factors, different for boys and girls while searching for an acceptable match to attach their names with. Marriage, an important stage in a person's life, can be an impressive and enjoyable experience when you tie the knot with the right person. Otherwise, it can be warmly draining and physically inspiring. Unlike the goblin tale idea of weddings we grow up daydreaming, marriages in real life are difficult and challenging. Once you’re past the honeymoon phase, only then you might face some complicated situations that might force you to consider if you have married the right person or not.

Important Signs to Check That You have Married The Right Person

You will know you are marrying the correct person if your future partner says, "I love you," not only in words voiced but by loving actions. The right person will love to contribute time with you. Your love and your marriage will slowly dull if the two of you are not friends. The right person is kind, attentive, and polite. Finding Miss or Mr. Right is not every time an easy thing to do. Once you think you have searched for the right person, you may have distrust. Having doubts about who you are proposing is not only normal but healthy.

True love can be difficult to find. But once it’s identified, life itself becomes easier, hopefully. It can make you feel like you’re soaring above pink clouds or keep you up at night with one bitter thought: whether or not they’re the one. It's Unlikely, yet true that someone we love so much may not turn out to be our life-long spouse. If you’re willing to carry out a relationship for the rest of your life, you’ll need more than just love for true happiness.

Here are 10 Signs That Say You Are Marrying The Right Person:

  1. You share the same ideas for the future
  2. You think it’s worth it
  3. Your brain functions differently
  4. You become each other’s support
  5. You feel comfortable sharing anything with him
  6. You feel content with no extra effort
  7. You want to open brief to your loved ones
  8. You find pleasure inside and outside the bedroom
  9. You feel different without them
  10. You become each other’s mind reader

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Tips to find the right partner from online matrimony websites

Converting the way marriages take place in Kerala, the best matrimony sites in Kerala are playing a vital role in carrying people together. India is a country specified by its cultural variety. This also calls for big challenges while looking out for the right partner that meets the qualifications. If you are also one of the interested people seeking the right mate, then online matrimony sites can surely help you with your search. There are many community-based sites like Million Matrimony match-making websites and others that make your frightening task easier by their filter features.

  1. Find the right matrimonial sites
  2. Do not judge someone by their profile picture
  3. Research about the profile
  4. Ask questions about dreaming partner
  5. Give your time

So don't wait, just follow these tips and meet the perfect partner on trusted online matrimonial sites like Million Matrimony.

No. 1 Marriage Portal in Kerala

Million Matrimony, Kerala's No.1 Matrimonial Site for Those Who Want to Marry from Kerala. Register Free, largest Database of Single Boys & Girls Who Wants to Marry in Kerala. 24X7 Customer Support. Millions of Profiles For Free. Types: Fast & exact Search, Everyday Profile Alerts, Advanced Search Options, customer Friendly Interface, 24x7 CustomerCare Service for any clarification about us and your life partner searching process.

Kerala’s Best Matrimonial Site For Brides And Grooms

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What are matrimony sites?

Matrimonial sites are not the same as dating sites. They work with a serious purpose and therefore only authentic members who are serious about finding their life partners register their profiles with these sites. Therefore, it is most likely that you get to meet the one closely looking for a bride or groom like you.

While online matchmaking in Kerala has been doing business for almost two decades now, another flow is grabbing the result of specialty Online Matrimony services that take into account individuals with obligations. Generally, Kerala families have looked for help from relatives, marriage agents, and later through paper promotions to marry their boys and girls. This matchmaking process has been advancing over some infinitive time frames. With the Offering of Online Matrimonial Websites, a totally different universe of capacity outcomes has opened up. Today the Indian Matrimonial Site has grown as another well-known structure for looking for marriage partners.

Are matrimonial websites good?

The Matrimony websites make for an ideal alternative for many Keralians who are presently associated with the web and still have a place with traditional beliefs. Thinking about the enhanced attainment, outrageous comfort, and more protection, the online matrimony site in Kerala is without a doubt a popular substitute to ordinary ways to discover brides and grooms. The matrimony websites are easy to use and you should simply register, make a profile, give your requirement qualification details, you can set filters, and express your advantage. The matrimonial structure brings you just applicable profiles and guarantees generally 100% safety.

Our Million Matrimony Website has been specially created for different various peoples as per their religion and community way of life. Also, we have introduced an android app, the best-trusted matrimony app in Kerala. Our Matrimony apps are very simple to use. Just register an account, create a profile, enter your specifications in detail, set filters and express interest. Million Matrimony apps provide you a simple interface, where suitable match searches can be done easily. Also, the app is 100% secure and we protect the user's privacy.

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Remember one thing when creating a profile which is, Your profile page theme will simply mirror the religion you have a place with which will give you the reaction as indicated by your religious faith. This is not normal for different sites which display a similar profile page for all areas as people. Our aim is to bring matrimonial automation less cost for each and every Keralian for wedding, including divorced person and widow for marriage, and augment their advantage of finding honest Indian brides and grooms while ensuring that they spend a low cost, get a longer length of membership, greater privacy, lots of matches in this presence to generate maximum success stories.

We have been devoted to giving a safe and helpful experience of combining hearts through our free marriage website in Kerala. We appreciate your decision/inclinations and give you the million matrimony experience that makes your life partner matchmaking seek easier, upgrade with premium service and more matches. So, What are you waiting for? Include your Matrimonials (profile) currently to get satisfaction in your life through marriage.

The Features of Million Matrimony Website are:

  1. Locality Matches
  2. Best Customer Service
  3. Direct Communication
  4. Advanced Technology
  5. Verified Contacts

We at Million Matrimony are a leading matchmaking service provider in Kerala. Our consummate and exceptionally hard-working team is committed to giving solutions for all approaching Indian brides and grooms. We are an innovation-driven company giving the best time to individuals who are truly searching for their perfect life partners. Register now with us to find your life partner. Communicate with confidence. Every one of our customers is 100% mobile verified.

Characteristics Of A Successful Marriage

  1. They sit and resolve issues together
  2. They support each other
  3. They know what they want in future
  4. There’s a strong foundation of trust
  5. They are best friends first
  6. They compromise for one another
  7. They respect each other
  8. They forgive each other
  9. They always keep the spark going
  10. . They grow together
  11. Persistence and Commitment
  12. They appreciate each other

Million Matrimony Launching New Android App - Kerala’s No.1 Matrimony App

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Kerala’s most trusted Matrimonial website, Million Matrimony is glad to launch its mobile app on Android, one of the fastest-growing mobile platforms worldwide, to permit the younger generation with the skill to find and connect to prospective matches anytime, anywhere. Once you download the app, you can search profiles based on your choice, and with a single touch, you can contact members straight. You can also clarify your search based on personal likes, browse profiles, shortlist them, pass interest to them and do much more. Million Matrimony Android app allows you to engage naturally, offering members the convenience, flexibility, and choice of profiles on the go letting people ‘Show interest’ and find matches faster than before.

We are one of the best matrimony app in Kerala and we are glad that we are uniformly a matchmaking service provider even after a decade. This is also a free marriage app in Kerala that started with one simple cause- to help people search for their friends for marriage. You can also look for the matrimony profiles of brides/grooms by means of religions like Hindu, Christian.

Features of Million Matrimony App:

  • Quick Registration and Free Search
  • You can create a profile with Name, Caste, Job, Photos, Horoscope, Contact Number, etc
  • Search for suitable matches, Express interests
  • Shortlist matches you want and keeps favorites for prospect viewing
  • Quick Search and Advanced Search options are available
  • Quick Search - You can search by Age, Location, and Caste
  • Progressive Search - This is an accurate search and will give you better results
  • Control your profile view on Million Matrimony by yourself
  • You can exact what details should share with others
  • Your phone number is 100% secure, visible only if you allow
  • Confirmed Email and Contact Details
  • Glimpse members profiles, photos, and phone numbers; send interests or personalized messages immediately through mobile
  • View all the profile photos and Horoscopes even on the 1st-month free use
  • Get alert when you receive Interests, Photo Requests, Accepts, and Messages
  • Many ways to connect - Express Interest, Personalised Messages, Chat and Call / Send SMS
  • Get an immediate alert – never miss any communication from anyone, ever again!
  • Use instant conveniently – the app is really lightweight, user friendly and takes less storage space
  • Search for Brides/Grooms by using Location, Religion, or Preferred Community

Benefits of our Matrimony App

There are largely a few benefits related to matrimonial mobile apps but we will target the most important ones. Without a doubt, these matrimonial services have reduced the stress of finding the right match for a person as they have assembled millions of profiles on their website and apps which provide options to the disturbed party and improves the quality of decisions.

Registration into the Million Matrimony App is quite easy as users can create a profile of their own and then go through all the connected matching profiles.

Advantages of using Matrimony Apps for matchmaking:

  • Users can choose their life partner based on any of the norms such as religion, caste, and other preferences
  • Full security and privacy are given to the uploaded profiles
  • Great source of marketing and advertising
  • The amazing rise in engagement of the customer can be achieved
  • The platform that the app is giving to the users needs to be easy and comfortable to use
  • The interface in the app needs to be emotional as it is responsible for directing the users to attain access to different interesting features
  • After the procedure of registration is completed, the users should be enabled full access to all the features of the app

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User Panel Features For Million Matrimony Mobile App

Now, after we have had a look at user cabinet features and admin panel features, let us have a definite look into the advanced features of a Matrimony Mobile App.

  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Search & Filter
  • User Privacy & User-Blocking
  • Add Images From The Library
  • Pin Favourites
  • Social Integration
  • Security Of Data
  • User Authentication
  • Flexibility In Payment Modes
  • CMS Integration
  • Image Editor
  • Upload Horoscope
  • Push Notifications
  • BioData Generator

Marriage is not a simple and unequivocal process. Now, you need not bargain with situations and people. As a substitute, you can find a life partner on your own terms. These trusted matrimony apps in Kerala are superior to the marriage bureau as best Matrimonial Sites require you to fill in fixed necessary details on their registration portal and you may begin your search. Here in this post, we have listed reasons why you must choose a matrimony app to find your love!

Why should you choose the Million Matrimony App for MatchMaking?

The most powerful advantage of working with the best matrimony website in Kerala like Million Matrimony is that they have a lot of databases of each bride and groom profiles. Registering in a matrimonial app is quite simple and faster. Whichever data you share with them, they save all such personal details secure and safe. Online Matrimony sites overall help by introducing a text message or video calls with each other before meeting. Our new trusted matrimonial app in Kerala is highly affordable when it comes to free subscriptions.

How Couples Can Effectively Deal Mutual Misunderstands & Differences?

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Debate happens in every relationship and a sentimental relationship is no different. People strongly believe different things from their relationships, but spend hours and energy in them, so it costs more to obtain what they want. Time has totally changed and couples have huge expectations from their opposite side. There are times when a couple isn't really able to agree on certain issues, such as how to use money, manage banking, raise children, to name a few.

Perfect harmony in a relationship is not possible and it’s important to evidently work towards it. The main difference between a happy couple and an unhappy couple is the way in which they settle their problems.

How to Handle Mutual Disagreements & Differences? To handle these debates and find solutions there are various things you can do.

Here are the 5 Ways the couples can handle Mutual Misunderstands & Differences

  1. Understanding Each Other’s Needs
  2. Setting demands in a Relationship
  3. Have Patience
  4. Sharing simple problems
  5. Disagreements Do Happen, And It's Perfectly Fine

Understanding Each Other’s Needs

Few people only see the issues from their point of view and do not really know what their partners think about that specific matter, and what steps should be taken to solve the issue at that point.

To reach an agreement, it is very important that partners know and understand each other’s points of thinking. To do this, you may ask your own the following questions and discuss things with your partner:

  • Which exactly varied you about the character of your partner?
  • What are your needs that your partner is avoiding freely or unwillingly?
  • What disturbs your partner about your behavior?
  • What are the needs of your partner you do not want to take care of?

Setting Relationship Boundaries

Sometimes, belongings go out of the hands, and in such beliefs, it’s important that both the groom and bride know their ranges and set limits that should be appreciated. A respite in relationships is always needed and it’s important that couples learn to identify when an argument is too raised and when to put a stop to it.

Have Patience

You may not always prevent conflicts, but keep in mind that it needs some time to effect through core fights in relationships. In earlier years of marriage, quarrels do happen and with time, the duration of the conflicts lessen in-depth leading to greater mutual judgment. Nowadays, who all find the perfect match from the most trusted best matrimony app can find personal details, character, etc.. through the early web chat.

Sharing Responsibilities

Each relationship is based on mutual respect and sharing responsibilities. If you decline responsibilities and indict your partner, things will never go smoothly. This denial of responsibility and disagreement just moves forward to the noisy family life, because of improper communication.

Here is how you can work towards making your relationship happy.

  • Take responsibility for your actions and your relationship
  • Find a partner from a trusted matchmaking site
  • Communicate with each other
  • Stop playing the blame game
  • Take equal ownership of the problems

Disagreements Do Happen, And It's Perfectly Fine

Differences of suggestion do happen and this shouldn’t break relationships. Partners should deal with their certain differences and don’t miss years trying to change each other’s minds, because many of their arguments are basically differences of opinion, character, or values. The partners must understand that they have different personalities and they can’t be alike. We need to let things go and stop shouting over little things. It is important to save the relationship from single stress and should work together towards a happy life. It’s never too late to give it a honeymoon.

Whenever people, if you are a Malayalee, start to find a bride and groom they should choose the best matrimony site in Kerala. It will help you to understand the partner's demands easily and what they want from the opposite. Million Matrimony is such a most trusted matrimonial site in Kerala. Find a suitable match, understand each other, then you can avoid future disagreements and misunderstandings.