Best Marriage Advice for Women to Keep Your Marriage Smooth

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Marriage is a commitment where you promise to stay with your partner through difficulties and happiness. This is not to say that marriages reduce happiness, it’s just that turning marriage into a happy one needs time and effort. Here is a list of some marriage advice for women that can help them have realistic expectations and a happier and effective relationship with their spouse.

What is the best advice for a successful marriage?

Here are some Keys to a Successful Marriage:

  • Learn to communicate in a healthy way
  • Give due importance to sexual intimacy
  • Don't keep the financial aspects of your marriage on the back burner
  • Value yourself before anyone else

Best Marriage Advice for Ladies:

  • Do your arrangements work before you walk down the aisle:
    So this is a piece of advice that many people say, yeah duh, but think about if you’ve really worked hard. Be trust with yourself. Have you got the tough questions? Have you attended premarital counseling? Advice? Mentorship? Anything? This is very important because chances are more softly made before marriage than after marriage.
  • Laugh often:
    Husband is one of the jolting people I know and we always laugh together. I can’t tell you how many times we have heard the tension of a difficult situation talk with humor. Laugh is a simple thing but oh so powerful.
  • Do stuff together:
    Seriously! Some partners have their own thing but don’t have a partnership. Simple things that are yours that you like to do together. Life is always busy and it is so important to have something that keeps you connected during those times and bolsters your unity and also it’s fun.
  • Work as a team, but don’t always keep marking or expect a tie:
    People love this advice because it is exactly true. So many times in marriage one spouse is picking up some of the other's negligence. So work together as a perfect partner. In fact, be proud of your unity.

    Part of the beauty of a wedding is having one another share the god. Sometimes you will be given more and you will take more sometimes, but that’s how it happens. Work hard to avoid being angry about this and instead take pride in lifting one another up along the way.
  • Take comfort that lower and higher are normal:
    During the first year of marriage, husband and wife had a big fight over functions. After cracking on the function it won't be remembered what its reason for the fight was. I don’t mean that I wanted a divorce or anything but the realization of the partner life of our relationship sunk in very hard at that time. When we married, I promised forever and I meant it. That day forever felt like… well… forever.

    And be careful of getting stuck in a dark place where you feel like your wedding will be hard forever. Just because something is difficult today, doesn’t mean it will be a very difficult day. go through it, talk, compromise, say sorry, forgive and continue life.
  • Be on a humble:
    This one is difficult to digest sometimes, but a little humility goes a long way. So, yes, you may always be right but try being overcome instead. It will really go over much more smoothly.
  • Shift your perspective. Take time to get into your partner’s shoes:
    Actually, do this every day, and hopefully, your better half will too. Spend some time every day thinking about what they’re doing, what their day is like, and how they may present. When you argue, challenge yourself to get in their world and see their part. Your partner will congrats it and you definitely will too.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T. So there are two slices of advice in this one:
    First, men like to feel respected. This respect may change to different men, so get to know how your partner likes to feel respected. Then DO IT!
    Second, make a vow to never talk harshly to each other in front of other people. Obviously, it’s best if you just never talk that way to your partner, ever, but make a relation to always support one another with dignity and care in front of others. You chose your spouse, so trust them and treat them with respect. Unmistakably this goes both ways!
  • Keep silent:
    At home when you have issues and discussions don't talk about unnecessary things. So think before you shout. If you get a chance to say something in front of others about your partner, think two times before opening your mouth. Just be sure to think about your problems before speaking.
  • Choose a partner from a trusted matrimony site:
    A lot of people are using the best matrimony sites for the perfect life partner. Most of the famous best matrimony apps use advanced technologies like finding the best matches for your life partner based on your profile, place, and preference.

How can one be successful in searching for a partner?

  1. Register in an online matrimony site:
    Registering your profile on matrimonial websites or in the best matrimony app is quite simple. The direction and matrimonial registration in websites are easy and can be operated by unknown basic computer persons.
  2. Mutual Compatibility Check:
    It is very essential to find a life partner, whom you want to be with all along with your life. Each person has some flaws and benefits when we select a person. Mutual trust and the same preference are very much important and necessary to marry.
  3. Take the Decision:
    Marriage is respectable. Everyone dreams of a peaceful and love-filled partner life or marriage. The selection of a life partner has been an extremely challenging challenge over the ages. Making the correct decision is extra important while choosing a perfect life partner from trusted matrimonial apps.
  4. Search for bride or grooms:
    You can behead search columns in websites according to your first choice. You can select through educational, occupational, and location search for best results in best matrimonial sites. All matrimony app downloaded members have more chances of match-making due to the filter of your favorite at the first of your search.
  5. The expectation level:
    In an arranged marriage, you hardly know your partner and take quite some time to understand your partner better. You start the relationship with simple preference, and both the partners find things and make adjustments to make the marriage life happy.

Top Matrimony Apps in Kerala 2021

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The days when the friends and families of an eligible bachelor or spinster used to take up the responsibility to get him/her perfect match are over. Therefore, in this world of technology where everything is available online, matrimonial apps also have become a trend in this digital world. These best matrimony services in Kerala have all the little details which help people to find a life partner.

Benefits of a Matrimonial App

Trusted Matrimony apps can support users to search for their life partner faster. By easily registering into the app, customers can create their profiles and can have access to the various registered profiles. These best matrimonial apps in Kerala help the users to find a perfect partner according to beliefs, job and preference. There are different benefits of highlighting such types of marriage apps.

  • Better source or marketing and advertising
  • Privacy and security of profiles
  • Increased audience engagement

Here are the top matrimony apps in Kerala 2021

  1. Million Matrimony:
    The Best Matrimony App in Kerala with the most trusted millions of profiles, Million Matrimony has related more bride and groom for marriage than another matrimony app! We are the most dependent matrimony service providers in Kerala with millions of proven profiles. Million Matrimony App is available on Google Play Store. Call: +91-9995200393

  2. Kerala Matrimony:
    Another match-making app by Bharat Matrimony group is a matrimony app for the Malayalam language people or Keralites. This lightweight app can help you in making a refined profile search based on your individual selection, thereby shortlisting rare profiles with a higher chance of becoming your future life partner. The app is available on Google Play Store. Call:- 081449 98877

  3. M4Marry:
    M4marry is a matrimonial app mainly directed at South Indian brides and grooms from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. This app is fast and easy. In this app also you can search by selected preferences or profile ID. There is a feature showing which you can request extra details, like a photo request. The app is available on Google Play Store. Call:- +91 9074556545.

  4. Shaadi:
    A star rating matrimonial app by the famous matrimonial services. Create a profile registering in the app and can log in to view profiles and photos to lots of potential matches, with a free messaging option. The app is available on Google Play Store. Call:- 7862889999

  5. Jeevansathi:
    Jeevansathi is a matrimonial app from one of the outstanding matchmakers with one and a year's record of success stories. This app offers you one of the best matchings data. The app is available on Google Play Store. Call:- 0120 439 3500

Why is Million Matrimony the best matrimonial app in Kerala?

Million Matrimony provides a simple and convenient platform for connecting people. It should offer an intuitive simplicity, guiding the user to get logged in to the multiple interesting features. After registration, the party should be able to get access to all the features of the app.

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Features of Million Matrimony app user panel

  • Login /Register
  • Profile verification by contact no and email ID
  • Set partner preferences
  • Upload your pictures
  • Send interest request to other profile
  • View contacts of the searched user
  • Accept interest request
  • Paid membership package
  • Multiple payment modules
  • Customer support
  • View success stories
  • Security assured
  • Notification and alert

Advanced Features of Million Matrimony App

  • User privacy & user blocking feature
  • Image editor
  • Add photos from the library
  • Search & filter
  • Data security

It is way too easy in its functions and has the benefit of getting logged in at any time of the day. You don't have to make an appointment and open your laptop to go through it. It is available to download from the play store and after getting this done you can easily access it by signing in just for one time.

Why are Matrimony Marriages Successful?

In the year of online dating and love affairs directly to weddings, going for an arranged marriage might sound a bit old thinking to many. Interestingly, this idea has been a part of our culture for thousands of years and still holds big importance in our country, especially India. Lots of people opt for an arranged marriage out of choice and going by the statistics of a few studies, the world divorce counting of arranged marriage is very low.

How To Recognize and Avoid Abuse in Marriage Life?

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Abuse comes in lots of different forms and all of them are harmful and have the potential to create short and/or long-term effects. It has such an impact value that when it is brought up in conference, most people instantly enter rejection. No one wants to believe another human being is efficient at inflicting such pain and horror on another person so they begin to rationalize it, which is harmful as well. Justifying can happen for both victims and abusers, which is how the series continues. There are many types of abuse and while we inspire you to learn about them all. Here are 4 important agreements in this stage that we need to identify and understand together before we can continue:

Verbal / Emotional Abuse:

  • The abuser insults or tries to snub you
  • The abuser attacks you for being overly touchy
  • The abuser forces their way into your personal gap or blocks you from moving away
  • The abuser breaks the wall, spoils their fists, or throws surrounding households

Physical Abuse:

  • The abuser physically keeps you under control
  • The abuser is not giving food or necessary medication
  • The abuser injures your body, hits, cuts, burns, chokes, or bites you
  • The abuser forcefully drugs you

Sexual Abuse:

  • The abuser performs a sexual act on you without your permission
  • The abuser drugs you all right to perform a sexual act on you without your permission
  • The abuser forces you to do a sexual act on them without your permission
  • The abuser forces you to do a sexual act on other people without your permission

Domestic Abuse:

  • The abuser will dismantle your personal belongings or property
  • The abuser controls your banking or refuses to provide money for your daily needs
  • The abuser stops you from enjoying time with your parents or friends
  • The abuser insults, shames, or demeans you in front of the community or another person

Most abusers aren’t mindful that they are crossing the limits and if they are, they have a story they tell themselves of why it’s a defend action. Many victims aren’t ready or are too ashamed to admit that they are being abused. They, too, have a story they tell themselves of why it’s justified or not as sad as they think and feel. Many of them may also be scared that they won’t be trusted or that they’ll have to work hard to convince someone else of what’s happening, so they keep quiet. This is how the crual and age-old cycle of abuse works. A cycle that we need to all work together to expose and eliminate.

You might be a current or past victim of abuse, if…

  • Some tones of voice, smells, behaviors, places, thoughts, or feelings prompt you to extreme anger, anxiety attacks, rapid heartbeat, shaking, vomiting, dizziness or make you powerfully feel the need to flee or escape your environment.
  • The fear of allowed, disappointing, or failing your partner causes you stronger stress or panic.
  • If you often cancel plans to avoid having the people you love getting participate or making reason.
  • If your spouse has ever been unwilling to have sex, even after explicitly saying NO someone in your life uses scary or stressing words or behavior to shape you into some behavior.
  • You feel frequent anxiety or tension in your body that you cannot otherwise determine.

Someone you love might be a victim of abuse, if…

  • If they always cancel plans or make up reasons why you cannot see them directly.
  • If they always make excuses for their spouse’s toxic behavior
  • If they win when you hold them off guard, try to touch their arm in conversation, or hug them.
  • If they get in an unknowing position when talking about a past experience with a family member, neighbor, etc.
  • If they are insensitive out to large amounts of alcohol, drugs, or anything other stuff on a regular basis.

You might be an abuser if…

  • Your spouse/partner acts scared of you or has made comments that they have to walk on cover surround you.
  • Other people look at you in a distressed nature when you involve with your partner.
  • You have totally touchy outbursts that result in you physically breaking objects around you or beating out at your children or partner in any way.
  • Had a parent or guardian that abused you as a child and you frequently see them on your own.
  • During a clash with your spouse or children, you feel like you cannot cage the beast inside you; you may also feel an “out of body” type of struggle where you know that the way you are treating them is not okay, but you can’t seem to stop or control it.

Why is Matrimony Site Safe to Find a Perfect Partner?

Nowadays everyone uses the best matrimony apps to search for a life partner and they have successfully found their life partner online. There have been some current reports in social media about swindlers cheating some people on online matrimony sites. While we take every possible step to make your search on our site safe, we strongly suggest you be aware and follow a few guidelines during this journey. Safe Matrimony is our drive to guide you to a safe search.

- Never reveal your account info:
Keep your matrimony profile username and password secure. Remember, no one from matrimony will ever ask you for the same.

- Do reference checks:
During your selection for a life partner, make sure that you meet the prospective partner, their family and do complete match checks before you proceed further.

- Safety in public:
Meet your partner in safe public places only. Always, keep your friends or family know about your meeting.

- Never ever give money to anyone:
Do not send funds or offer money help to any person you meet while finding a life partner.

How to find a life partner using matrimonialial sites ?

  1. Choose who views your photo:
    You can stop those who see your photos by showing them only to select members or even cover them completely.
  2. Choose who sees your number:
    You can provide your number only to members who chatted with you or reply to your interest. Or set it only to Premium Members from your society.
  3. Safety for women:
    The bride can turn on the "Secure Connect" setup to get calls from members without publishing their own number.
  4. Protect your horoscope:
    You can select to show your horoscope only to users who contacted you or reply to your interest. In reality, you can even hide your horoscope from the start.

Benefits of finding a life partner using Online Matrimony Websites?

Present studies mention that 47% of the users opting for registration prefer going online in search of a life partner because there they find more choices as distinguished matchmaking brokers. Most of the users' opportunities for sign in at best matrimonial sites are between 18 and 35 years of age. Here’s a collection of the benefits of using free matrimonial sites.

  • Widespread sea:
    You can cater to the different communities and religions of India
  • Easy Accessibility:
    Easy and faster access to all the registered user profiles of sites
  • Saves Time And Money:
    Matrimonial sites are financially in terms of time and cash
  • Results according to your preference:
    You can select caste, location, and occupation
  • Security:
    All the profiles on the sites are safe and protected with security codes

10 Best Security Tips for Online Matrimony Users

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What are Online Matrimony Services?

Marriage is not a straightforward and simple process. It is rather an important turning point in all individual’s lives. Marriage is permanent and you can’t make a thoughtless approach towards marriage to ask forgiveness for the rest of your life. However, the falling rates of the success of love marriages have made people realize that this is rather not the right approach to ensure a successful marriage. Therefore they are looking for a viable difference and in the form of choosing online matrimonial services. The Best Matrimony Services in Kerala can help you to get the best perfect life partner.

Is online matrimony safe to use?

Online matrimony websites can be perfectly safe, as with any activities you perform online there are guidelines you should follow to protect yourself. Obviously in your online matrimony journey will be choosing a portal from the thousands that are available. The world of these free matrimonial sites is not always safe and we rarely get to know about how people get duped by frauds they meet online. Before you open an account on a matrimonial site, check the originality of the site because, in essence, the world is brimming with such sites.

How to Use Matrimonial Sites?

The greatest advantage of working with the best matrimony site in Kerala is that they have a huge database of both bride and groom profiles. Search for and open the home page to see “create profile”, fill up the options and wait for you to get your matrimony ID number through a registered phone number via SMS. Also, there so many best matrimony apps are available, which are trusted ones if it is available on the Google Play store. Download it and register a profile, start searching for your dream partner and follow the procedure mentioned above.

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Important Security Tips for Online Matrimony Members

Million Matrimony.Com cares for the safety and security of your profile from being misused by deceivers with the personal information provided by you. We wish to provide you with safe turf during your life partner search. We also have strict misuse protection and reporting systems in place for those who snuck through our shield systems.

Do’s and Don’ts for Online Matrimony Members:


  • Remain completely a pet name until you fully trust a person who showed interest in you.
  • Observe odd behavior or differences because genuine people will always respect your space and allow you to take your time in making good decisions.
  • Ask a friend or relative to read the emails you receive because as an equitable observer they can spot warning signs you missed.
  • Watch out for people who ask unreasonable questions or are vague about their answers. Stop communicating with anyone who is stressing you for personal details.
  • You can use the Photo Request feature on million As Million Matrimony.Com offers free scanning & upload help to its members, there's no reason anyone shouldn't be able to give you a photo.
  • Use a pre-paid mobile phone number or use a local telephone blocking system to protect your phone number from display in Caller Id. Furnish your contact number only when you feel totally safe and have some details about the other person.
  • Be vigilant when it comes to taking an online relationship offline
  • If you decide to plan a meeting, you always have the right to change your mind. Believe in yourself.
  • When you plan to meet face to face with someone for the first time, choose a commonplace.
  • In case you decide to meet him/her alone then leave the name, address, and telephone number of the member you are going to join with your friend or family member.
  • Ask many questions to him/her and watch for paradoxes. This will help you detect liars & cons, and it will help you find out if you're truly suitable.
  • Give mind to displays of anger, intense frustration, or attempts to pressure or control you.
  • Beware of those who try to get money from you for whatever needs. A genuine person will not ask you for money in any difficulties.
  • In case someone asks you for money, report the place of activity to us.


  • Don't provide your personal contact information like name, email address, etc.
  • Don't send your personal details or contact information until you believe that person.
  • Don't use signatures in your emails that include your contact details.
  • Don't use your personal or official email id for chatting with a person you don't know well.
  • Never organize for your proposed match to pick you up or drop you to his/her place.
  • Do not go to a hidden place or a movie alone at a single meeting.
  • Don't ignore the following character especially if it is without a reasonable explanation.
  • Don’t trust him /her who fails to provide direct answers to direct questions.
  • Take your own time to select a trustworthy person and pay careful vigilance along the way.
  • Always be careful about romance, and don't fall for the oldest tricks of people who shower love and attraction at the first meeting and disappear later.
  • Don't become too early close to someone, even if that affection only occurs online.

How Much Helpful are Online Matrimony Websites?

However, there are many sources of searching for brides and grooms nowadays. These free marriage websites are very helpful for those who stay abroad or far from their hometown. Family and parents can contact first, then they can know their family background by visiting their area. This is very happening nowadays. In addition, Social Networking sites are not helpful in this sector, however, they are killing social relationships by spreading everything openly.