What Are The Features Of A Modern Matrimonial Website?

Online matrimonial sites have become quite popular in the past few years because they offer certain benefits to users. Not just do these sites give you a bunch of forms that you can browse, but they also provide you with different ways of relating to them. In this era of personal choice and liberalization, more and more people are practicing these websites to find the ideal match for themselves and becoming properly hitched. Another idea why these matrimonial websites are generally used nowadays is that they have some great features. If you are in quest of a partner, but hesitant about using a matrimonial website, the advantages outlined following just might be enough to convince you:

  • Free registrations:
    Most of the matrimonial websites you identify these days don’t charge you anything for registering. This means that you have the freedom to generate a profile for anyone, whether it is your sister, brother, friend, son, daughter, etc. The registration process is quite straightforward and there is no payment required, which makes it all the simpler for you.
  • Simple and easy registration:
    As mentioned earlier, the registration itself is not very complex. You are only asked to update basic information such as name, gender, age, email address, and phone number to start with. Other than that, you may also be asked to enter some additional information to begin your partner research. However, you can get the best results if you fill out the required information and be as detailed as possible so you are able to get the right matches.
  • Refined and quick search :
    One of the unique features you will find in reputable matrimonial websites such as is the different search modes. In order to start your search for a perfect partner, you have to enter your preferences and enter maximum details to ensure you get the right matches. The more information you enter, the better results you get. You also have the option of changing your criteria whenever you want.
  • A safe platform:
    Yes, not every person joins a matrimonial website for genuine reasons, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is a scam. The key is to do your research and find a trustworthy matrimonial website that not only has success stories but also outlines its policy about maintaining its clients’ security. Such matrimonial websites don’t share any details without the knowledge of the users. You are responsible for managing your profile so you get to decide who sees it and what they see.
  • No compromises needed:
    Another great feature of matrimonial websites is that they don’t ask you to make a compromise in regard to your search for a life partner. There is absolutely no obligation for you to settle for anyone and you can select someone on your own terms. If you are looking for someone equipped and paid, you will discover various profiles meeting this criterion and you can sort through them and choose who to connect with. Due to these peculiarities, matrimonial websites have lots to offer to those who are interested in making a commitment.

Million Matrimony is one of the most prominent matrimonial sites in Kerala that make excellent growth in the last few months. It is one of the growing matrimonial sites that helps to find your special one.

How To Find Your Perfect Indian Bride Through Matrimonial Sites Of Kerala?

Are you looking for the perfect spouse on the Matrimonial sites of India? If yes, then here are some options for you to identify your dream partner. Indian matrimonial sites of India are the secure and suitable way to find your dream bride. Even parents are also requested online way as the perfect way of finding the soulmate for their children. Finding the best and perfect Indian bride at the first attempt is not as easy but not impossible.

Here are some tips while searching for the best bride online!

First, ask yourself about love or arranged marriage?

This is the first question for you that may come to your mind. What you really to arrange or love marriage. If you decided on a love marriage still these options work for you. And if you are into an arranged marriage, then it will be more hard work for you. In both scenes, you have to act vital alongside your parents on the Indian matrimonial sites.

Start correctly identifying the zone to search for You can get lots of cases in the matrimonial sites of India according to religions, and communities. And choosing your perfect one as your life spouse could be intimidating if you identify from the broad spectrum. So, it is more important to you to know which caste and religion your spouse belongs to. There are lots of options available for everyone like Hindu, Christian and Muslim, and so on.

This will give you, proper prospective groom and bride, from which you can sort of the perfect. Do all enquiries according to nature. Make sure you did cross-check the individual’s life, background, and status as well.

Question something special on the first meet

Now, this is the time where exactly you both will meet face to face and discuss the important decisions of your life. Without wasting your time much read the given below important questions to be asked.

  • Ask about the individual’s profile including all the social details.
  • Ask more about likes and dislikes, overall the passion of the person
  • Ask about family, friends, and relatives, to get a perfect thought of your background.
  • Ask about interests, morals, culture, and life be more philosophical. The things like that help know the individual’s real character.
  • While enquiring about things don’t forget to check out their attitude and behavior. Ensure that the individual you are meeting is extremely interested in you or not.

Check and connect the family background and status

It may be somehow unreplaceable but exactly, it is important to take because it is your Longlife connection. You don’t require to do as much, let your relatives, friends do this. And why should they not do so, they are more valuable than you. They can judge people perfect than you. Both the relatives can meet and let them know each other over their surroundings, status so on. This will give you to make more detailed and transparent decisions in your life.

Know more about individual and social life along with nature Actually, this step is basically famous nowadays, it is nothing but communication with the individual on social networking sites. In this way, you get some idea about individual taste, friend circle, social activities, and background. This will show the facts and factors that you might not face at your first meet.

Let that individual meet your relatives and friends. This will help you to be comfortable with that individual. And then you will be correctly ready to ring the wedding bells with your best match or your Indian bride identified by you or your family members. I know you obviously follow these options.

Here are some tips on how to identify the best matrimonial site for your wedding.

Well, matches are made in heaven, but the perfect match can be created through only the right medium. Always go with the perfect online matrimonial sites. Here are some options on how to select the perfect matrimonial site.


Actually, the matrimonial sites in India are the best option for identifying your dream partner. Where you get lots of options to choose from. The longer experience best is its services. They gave you the best match according to your choice.


Always opt for a matrimonial site with a good reputation. Experience is also matters as well. What exactly includes loyalty and customer satisfaction, where client testimonials and reviews are always useful.


Go with those matrimonial sites of India that give complete safety and protection regarding data hacking and others. I hope this will help you in finding the best life partner for you.

Million Matrimony is one of the best matrimonial sites in Kerala that make excellent growth in the last few months. It is one of the growing matrimonial sites that helps to find your special one.

How Are Arranged Marriages Made Easy By Matrimonial Sites?

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Marriage is possibly one of the most significant decisions that any person has to take in their existence. It is one choice that can significantly increase the growth of a person if the choice is right, whereas, if the choice is opposite then it can also generate a lot of difficulties in the life of the person. As a result, it becomes a requirement that everyone decides on getting married after a lot of thoughtful attention. The basis of a good married life can only be laid by two cooperative people. Hence, when choosing who to marry one should be greatly careful. It is for this reason that arranged marriage can sometimes be a little difficult. There have been moments in the past where an arranged marriage has not been fought out when people got given in a hurry or had to compensate for the lack of more reliable options. If one plans to have a happy married life then it is sufficient not to take any rash decision. One should give it a long way and a lot of time before landing at a final decision. It is also not a bad idea to consider it with some people who are alike. It is only after this should anyone makes the call. The following are some things that should be considered while choosing an individual for an arranged marriage.

Do not settle:

As discussed before one should never while choosing to get married and particularly in the case of getting arranged married it is very significant to take time. While it is reliable that getting a perfect match can take a lot of time and furthermore, the benefits are not many but it is still important that one wait for the appropriate person. With the arrival of technology it the situation has changed dramatically. Some of the online matrimonial websites have hundreds of opportunities for both fiancées and grooms. These are remarkably effective as more choices mean that one gets to determine the right partner for himself or herself. These matrimonial websites are very easy to practice and their highlight is that they enable people to improve their results. This makes obtaining cooperative matches very careful. Moreover, here it is reasonable to quickly find matches based on the caste of the profiles. Hence, even the not-so-common classes and communities can find their proper matches in the matrimonial site like Million Matrimony and others. This is a significant feature of these websites.


One of the most influential portions related to any relationship is the adaptability factor. This is even more relevant in the case of a marriage. Both the characters in the marriage should be sure that they are fully cooperative with each other. Adaptability cannot be terminated in a matte for hours or days. Hence it is important that one gives it some time before really performing to a marriage. Regrettably, that is not how it operates when it comes to the Indian arranged marriage concept. The method is rather fast and one has to decide in a matter of days. In this case, too, the online matrimonial website like Million Matrimony gives a major help. The outlines on these successful websites ask each applicant to fill in a number of questions associated with their likes and dislikes. This can support the other person to find their characters and match individually. There are also various websites that level automatically depending on the flexibility of the two contours. From the above-mentioned points, it is considerably clear that online matrimonial websites have a significant role to play in the arranged marriage scheme of things in India. So if you are watching for your ideal match on the basis of similarities or castes like Million Matrimony then the most trustworthy bet is to look online.

Million Matrimony is one of the most prominent matrimonial sites in Kerala that make excellent growth in the last few months. It is one of the growing matrimonial sites that helps to find your special one.

What Are The Precautions To Take When You Are Looking For A Life Partner In A Matrimonial Site?

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Matrimonial frauds by unscrupulous people who cheat real people on internet matrimonial sites are on the rise. There have been a number of cases, most unwanted unregistered, against persons who built fake profiles and cheating unsuspecting individuals looking for spouses. It is therefore very important to take some common safeguards when you are acting your search for a spouse through an online portal.

While a bad incident can affect an individual financially, the worst part is the emotional and psychological brokedown which can often scar the individual for life.

It’s up to all of us to be most vigilant and take regular safety measures to avoid getting duped. Here are some precautions you should take when viewing a spouse on matrimonial sites.

What are the precautions ?

  • DO NOT hesitate to inquire about the prospect’s social media , and go through them with a fine comb – how old in their profile is, whether there are any mismatches in their timeline, how real their images seem etc. If you find any mismatching, ask the person straight forward. Failure to give a correct answer is usually the premiere warning. Delete such persons immediately, and move ahead.
  • Remove using the email ids linked to your bank accounts on any such platforms. In the course of a few romantic calls, it is very simple for these thieves to identify your personal information and use them to hack your accounts.
  • Do not give any cash to anyone no matter what their status or their age, no matter what the situation is, no matter how little the amount. ‘Block’ is the only way to go.
  • Be cautious at all scenes. If at any point of communication, you feel that the individual is asking for too much unwanted personal information, get alert. Anyone who is trying to “get serious” too fast, you take speedy decisions without a proper family introduction, steer right, delete them.
  • There is an independent number of agencies that do deep background searches on any persons, including their common social and professional information for a very nominal fee. We recommend using their consultation if you believe things are getting so bad. Don’t tolerate thinking that such a step could hurt your potential partner’s emotions. It’s always better to be safe.
  • Getting married is a once in an entire life event! It’s important to economize in some locations but splurge on others. Opting for believed matrimonial sites only is the best way. Take their personalized backpack. Consider only those matrimonial sites that take more responsibility for verifying their clients’ information. Even amongst those ‘verified’ profiles, choose the paid members.
  • Last but definitely not least, trust your instincts. Even if you cannot understand it, your subconscious is always a step ahead. Listen to the heart's voice!

Be always ready to choose one of the best matrimonial sites in Kerala, Million Matrimony. Be safe and secure while on the journey to find your spouse. Remember to take the above precautions before selecting a life partner.

Top Security Tips Before Registering A Profile In a Matrimony Site

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Million Matrimony is one of the best matrimony sites in Kerala, cares for the safety of your profile from being misused by deceivers with the personal details provided by you. We target to provide you the safe turf during your life partner finding process. This is why we have a very meticulous exercise of showing every other profile we receive for irrelevant and inappropriate content.

We also have very strict abuse prevention and reporting systems in locations for those who sneak through our profile settings. We abide by a saying-“Mistrust the obvious” and we target all our people to take after the proverb during the partner search. In ensuring your security & privacy, we're limited to actions that are within our control. So we request you to abide by the following instructions of Do’s and Don’ts to stop your profile theft while on spouse search. These tips will help you for the secure usage of online matrimonial sites.

What are the Do’s?

  • Remain fully anonymous until you completely believe a person who expressed interest in you.
  • Observe odd behaviour because real people will always respect your gap and always allow you to take your time in making a decision.
  • Ask a friend to check the emails you get because as an unbiased person they can spot dangerous signs you forgot.
  • Be careful of people who ask unwanted questions or are lazy about their answers. Stop talking with anyone who pressurizes you for personal details like photo, mailing address, mobile no. etc., or makes in any way to plan you into revealing it.
  • You can make the Photo Request feature on Million Matrimony. As we offer free scanning & upload services to its members, there's no reason someone shouldn't be able to provide you with a photo.
  • View different images of someone in various styles: casual, formal, indoor and more. If they give so many excuses about why you can't see a photo, consider that they have something to hide.
  • Use a pre-paid mobile phone number blocking technique to prevent your phone number from appearing in Caller Id. publish your contact number only when you feel completely ok with it and have some details about the other people.
  • If anyone gives you a mobile number with a strange area code, check it out to ensure it's not even a charge number before you make the call.
  • If you decide to make a meeting, you always have the right to change your thoughts. It's possible that your plan to keep the relationship at a stranger level is based on an insight that you can't explain. Trust yourself.
  • When you want to meet face to face with someone for the previous time, choose a public place where people are around and ensure your own transportation to and fro.
  • If you are meeting an individual for the first time, take a relative along with you.
  • In case you decide to meet them alone then leave the name, address, and mobile number of the individual you are going to meet with your friend.
  • Ask so many questions to them and watch for inconsistencies. This will help you detect liars, and it will help you find out if you're sincerely compatible.
  • Pay attention to shows of anger, intense irritation or attempts to pressure or control you. Acting in a strange manner, making disrespectful comments or any physically inappropriate character are all warning signs.
  • In case anyone asks you for money, report to us.

What are the Don’ts:

  • Don't provide your personal contact details like name, email address, address, mobile numbers, place of work or any other identifying details in your initial communication.
  • Don't send your personal details or contact details until you believe that person.
  • Don't use signatures in your emails that include your personal contact details.
  • Don't use your regular or personal email id for talking with a person you don't know well.
  • Never arrange for your prospective match to pick you up or drop you to his/her place.
  • Do not go to a secluded place and a movie alone at the personal meeting.
  • Don't even ignore the following behaviour especially if it is without an acceptable explanation: Provides inconsistent details about age, interests, appearance, marital status, salary, profession, etc.
  • Don’t trust those who fail to provide direct answers to questions.
  • The person who never introduces you to friends, professional associates and family members.
  • Take your own time to decide on a loyal person and pay attention along the way.
  • Always be careful about romance, and don't fall for the oldest cheap tricks of people who give a lot of love and affection at the first instance and disappear instantly.

Please report us about any fraud, impersonation, misuse of details, fake profile, etc, And help us to serve you better. Be always ready to choose one of the best matrimonial sites in Kerala, Million Matrimony. Be safe and secure while on the journey to find your life partner.

Inter Caste Marriage Is A Good Choice Or A Bad Choice?

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Hinduism did not directly state that an individual from other castes was not to be married, but that is highly encouraged marriages from the same castes to support the community. So, in inter-caste marriage, there is absolutely nothing wrong. But some people thought that it is the top quality sin that directly shows the way to hell. Now the youngsters are almost against caste-based marriages. Love does not come by looking at which caste you are living and what gender you are related to, love is the only thing in this world that comes without any restrictions.

What is inter-caste marriage?

Inter-caste marriage means the marriage between one of the spouses of the Scheduled Caste and the other of the non-scheduled Caste to be used as a marriage for this Scheme. This marriage is legal under government law and is properly registered under the Hindu Marriage Act.

Are inter-caste marriages in India successful?

When the marriage is inter-caste, the backbone is love. This partnership goes even further if the partners don’t mess with their families and their lives. If it does not make marital arrangements, so your partner is not allowed to play caste cards with your family and community.

What are the benefits of inter-caste marriage?

  • There is no end to thoughts and experiences:
    When two individuals of faith marry, their thoughts and perspectives shift. Acceptance rises and the tolerance towards persons from different backgrounds grows. Your thoughts are widespread, and every day you see life in different views which is one of the most important advantages of inter-caste marriage.
  • You have new things to remember:
    Marriage with someone from another caste is a reality that involves learning new things. Their way of life and making, you will hear how a certain society is. You will also have a variety of festivals that will make your home more enjoyable and fun. That is why life is turning into a peaceful ride which is another inter-caste marriage benefit.
  • You have intelligent children:
    According to an investigation, in inter-religion marriage, the children born to parents from diverse castes are most intelligent and know even more about the world outside. Because genes vary, children are smarter compared to children who are born to parents of the same religion.

Some Indian states provide financial support for inter-caste marriages and some also offer government job opportunities that contribute to the inter-caste marriage benefit.

What are the Problems for an Inter-caste marriage?

  • Parents and relatives deem it an offense to their honour, and the “bloodline” of their family is considered as poisoned.
  • The resistance of parents and relatives of the family leads to family fights. Some families still restrict their children for their transgression. They reject their own children.
  • The Murder of honour is a major issue in India, and schooling or economic development has no importance for the tribe.
  • The differences in lifestyles and cultures may be a problem considering the compatibility of spouses from different castes.
  • Inter-caste marriages in India face different issues engaging with members of the group in small and remote societies where residents know each other.
  • Children from inter-caste couples can find arranged marriage problematic as negative behaviours can be seen on the inter-caste mark.
  • Problems related to wealth legacy and proprietary controversy are common threats in when inter-caste marriage

Living in the same building with two separate castes implies a greater degree of adaptability and adjustment. You do not sometimes want to choose to adopt their customs or cultures, but you certainly learn to adapt and adjust according to their rituals.
Is someone near to you looking for a matrimonial service in Kerala? At Million Matrimony we offer individualized and completely confidential services to our clients by helping them find their life partners.

If you need the perfect life partner with your preferred interest and qualities the best matrimony site in Kerala, Million Matrimony can help you with that. The diverse options and the broad biodata and profile setting help you to choose the best life partner by yourself.

How Do You Deal With Depression In Marriage?

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Depression can present itself for all kinds of things, so the important thing you can do when it comes to depression, whether you might be feeling it or you trust your spouse is experiencing it, is to educate yourself. Oftentimes when a person faces a tragedy it is natural for them to experience a season of heavy sadness or sorrow. However, this heaviness becomes treatable and crosses over into depression when it starts to make a person’s daily life and peace. When they cancel taking care of themselves and are not even able to even pull themselves out of bed when they lose their interest in food and find that they aren’t able to eat when they can’t target projects or tasks or things that would normally come with ease.

Working it to a season or a long-term diagnosis of depression takes both spouses to be on board with an action trick. No one is meant to do life alone, and fighting something like depression is possible, and also much more clear when you have a support system by your side. Letting depression go don’t treatment is dangerous and can lead to life-making decisions such as self-inflicted harm or killing themselves.

What is the things to do when you are depressed:

  • The first point is to educate yourself.
  • The second point is to speak up and ask for help.
  • The third point is to set small and realistic goals.

How to Educate yourself?

You need to understand how depression is changing your brain and your decision-making skills. Once you understand how the ‘algorithm processing’ part of your brain and the ‘feeling processing’ part of your brain are conflicting, you will be able to make better and more informed decisions, despite how you might feel.

How to Speak up and ask for help?

Now you be feeling like you don’t want to ‘bring down’ anyone else in your life by giving your burden with them, or you might even find yourself be emotional like you just don’t care enough to use your words, but for your well-being and for the well-being of your life partner, friends, and your relatives, to the best of your skill, you need to speak up and let someone know that something isn’t right and you need more help. Later please make sure that either you or your partner sets up a professional counseling appointment so that you can start to put an effort through what’s going on and set a trick to feel good.

How to Set Small and Realistic goals?

Right now, you need to target realistic baby points. Setting grandiose goals for yourself will only overwhelm you and make you feel disappointed. Set a small aim for yourself every day, something like getting out of bed and taking a bath or eating at least 3 small meals a day. Maybe it’s even that you step outside and get 10 minutes of fresh air. Whatever it is, set those courageous goals for yourself so you can feel some ‘speedy wins’ and feel happy about the progress you’re creating. Every Simple Step Counts.

What to do when your spouse is depressed?

  • The first step is to educate yourself
  • The second step is to practice empathy
  • The third step is to take immediate action

How to Educate yourself?

We cannot express this enough. Your spouse isn't currently in a place to completely mentally engage in their well-being, so you would like to step in, and therefore the only way you can do this successfully is by doing all of your research and deciding what your role is during this new season. Find a reputable source and carve out time to read and learn. Call a counselor or life coach and ask them about your concerns. Call your spouse’s doctor and ask about what you'll do to assist or what your next steps should be. Ask questions and don’t stop until you get real, solid answers. Your spouse needs you and if the table was reversed, we could only hope your spouse would do an equivalent for you.

How to Practice empathy?

When you’re not the one who is depressed, it is often difficult to really understand what your spouse goes through or why even small tasks seem impossible for them to accomplish. Once you've done your research you'll learn that depression interferes with the way that the logical processing a part of " a part of your brain communicates with the emotional response part of your brain and you’ll see that you simply r spouse literally isn't processing anything on an equivalent level that you are. Small things currently desire mountains, then, therefore, they're. Your sole responsibility at now is to use empathy to validate your spouse where they’re at and help them to both recognize and own their feelings in order that they will begin to retrain themselves to use their logic skills also. If you undermine their feelings or accuse them of being overly dramatic, they’ll only spiral deeper into a crippling depression and feel more alone. Take their hand and walk with them step-by-step until they see the sunshine at the top of the tunnel.

How to Take action?

Immediately your spouse is unable to properly look after themselves and that they need your help to try to do that. you'll see what’s physically happening better than they will, so, therefore, it might be helpful if you'd take some initiative to step in and help. Do whatever you'll to make sure that your spouse is eating healthy meals and exercising. albeit meaning you've got to try to do the shopping and cook for them and you're the one suggesting you continue a walk just around the block before bed to urge some fresh air. it might be enormously beneficial to your spouse and your marriage, as well. you would possibly even have to be the one who calls and makes the initial therapy appointment for them and therefore the one who drives them there to appointments and sits within the lounge with them. Be emotionally available and physically present. Don’t just sit back and plead together with your spouse to urge help. intensify and help, however you'll.

Depression is running rampant in our society today, and we believe it’s largely thanks to a scarcity of community. Thanks to technology and a decline in real, physical human interaction more people feel alone and isolated. The ‘bar’ is raised to an all-time high and comparison is actually at every turn. we'd like one another and that we are truly better together. If you're depressed, I encourage you to seek out someone safe and reaches out your hand. And if your spouse is depressed, I encourage you to not turn a blind eye and allow them to suffer alone.

If you need a great life partner with your preferred interest and qualities the best matrimonial site in Kerala, Million Matrimony can help you with that. The filtering option and the broad biodata and profile setting help you to choose the best life partner by yourself and it is no more a headache to the parents.

How To Find Fake Profiles In Matrimonial Sites?

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Matrimonial sites are a great way to get a suitable spouse. Nowadays there is a lot of matrimonial sites. However, you will find thousands of bachelors and spinsters interested including parents on the matrimonial sites who are looking for their life partner.

Finding a partner through matrimonial sites is not as simple a task as one may think. Once you create your matrimonial profile on the best matrimonial site, you will be flooded with tons of proposals. But the truth is most of them are fake profiles everywhere. However, there are reputed best marriages sites that help customers find the perfect partner.

If you are looking for a partner from online matrimonial sites, you must know how to filter real and fake online matrimonial profiles. There are many users who create a profile with incorrect information or use another person’s details who isn’t aware of it. This is fake information that makes online matrimonial sites vulnerable that can cause many dire consequences.

How to find fake profiles on matrimonial sites?

  • Check if it was the wrong profile details
  • Check if it has photos on the profile
  • Check that the profile has a social media presence
  • Check that the profile contains family information
  • Remember fake profiles get personal too quickly
  • Remember fake profiles show off more than usual

Wrong profile details

This is one of the most common methods to find fake profiles on online matrimonial sites. A profile description is the most important thing a person describes more efficiently. So, before going to chat with the person, check that person’s profile information smartly. A good profile description must be clean, precise, and convey their favorites. Please check their education details, the place where they stay, their office, family details, and a thorough personal reference check.

Usually, fakes create their online matrimonial profile within a short time by copying and pasting from other users’ profiles. For instance, a fake user mentions them as an accountant in the profile description but says an entirely different degree in other columns.

We at Million Matrimony, ensure verification and authentication of all the information provided by a person. The authentication process is mandatory and manual to make sure each profile on our portal is real and genuine.

No profile photo

Fakes usually upload fake photos or do not upload any photos at all. The images they upload are either of a model or a perfect-looking person. Such profiles make great impressions, get numerous responses and often get overlooked from the matrimonial site’s scrutiny. Fake users do not show their faces on online matrimony sites and are afraid to come on video chat. These members don’t want to show their true faces. So, if you find a profile without an image, don’t approach them. Another thing you can do is google their images to see if their image is somewhere on the internet.

No social media presence

When you connect with any profile, immediately check their social media profiles to verify their identity. Today, everyone has found their first interest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. An individual’s social media says a lot about their personality, choices, friends, and their hobbies. If they don’t have any social media profiles connected to an online matrimonial site, ask them directly or try finding their full name. You can also check their posts, activities and learn a bit more about how serious they are about matrimony.

Check the profile contains family information

Fake profiles on the matrimonial site don’t involve their guardians and parents. When you ask them, they will probably say they deal with all the marriage talks themselves. In our culture, we love to involve our parents before making any great decisions in our life, especially when we are looking for partners on matrimonial sites.

Fake profiles get personal too quickly:

The fakes express love too fast, even before fully knowing everything about you. They reply fast to your interests but too slow when you ask questions about them. Once you start communicating with the person, clearly observe how they react. If they make you uncomfortable to tell about your salary, bank accounts or anything financial, the person you are talking to is a fake person. At times, they will even feel embarrassed with you by sweet words such as “hubby”, “honey”, etc.

Fake profiles show off more than usual:

Basically, fake profiles show off that they are great-rich, mention they have so many houses, share fraudulent property information, and even upload fake images with luxurious cars and bikes. They boast about themselves to get the attention of all their matrimonial matches. If you feel that they are too flashy about their account balance, properties, or standards, stop conversing with them.

Marriage is a lifetime understanding between two people. You can’t simply make quick decisions about your marriage. You need time to understand your partner perfectly and then make the commitment. If someone is forcing you to make a hurry burry decision, do not succumb to such pressure and just walk away.

Take time before making a final decision. Your marriage is not any type of business deal that you need to close very quickly.

What Are The Expectations Of Women's About Life Partners?

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From selecting experienced individuals to providing advice to couples, matrimonial sites helped. The entire wedding platform process was shifted online — from virtual venue tours to having meetings online. Couples also choose to host their weddings with smaller gatherings, with friends and distant families connecting online. Many went ahead with digital wedding notices and e-invites. With bridal wear designers launching their sites during this digital century, couples preferred virtual tours to shortlist designs. With some relaxation now, couples can visit stores for fitting periods.

Now most girls create a list of the things she wants and do not need in her future husband. Marriage is a very big decision. How can you just marry somebody without knowing if they have the perfect qualities you are looking for? Instead of struggling for a lifetime, it is better that you wait until you get a man with these qualities. In this blog we will tell you what a woman looks for in her future husband.

What are the qualities that women are looking for in a future husband?

  • He should be a good listener.
  • He should be a funny person
  • Someone who makes his women feel secure and safe
  • He should be a supportive person
  • He should be a promise keeper
  • He should be an honest and loyal person

A Good Listener

It is a known truth that most women love to talk and they are really obsessed with this. So it is only common that they want somebody who can hear out their daily naughty talks. It doesn’t matter what she talks about, she needs a caring man who can be a good listener without judging her. She needs a husband who will always listen to how her day went, what conversations she had with her loving ones, what her mother told her, and so on. It doesn’t matter how useless you think it is, be a perfect husband by just hearing her out.

Be A Funny Person

Women love to be around men who can always make them smile. A good sense of humor always makes better work because, after a long, stressful day, a man who can change her sadness into a smile is magical.

Someone who makes his women feel secure and safe

The most important thing that every woman needs in her future husband is for him to be able to give a feeling of security and safety. If there is ever the worst situation, a woman always wants a man who can handle it better and make sure she is always fine and happy – a man who can make her feel secure even in a crowd. Every woman wants a husband like that.

Be a supportive person

Women want a man who can be highly supportive and care for them and their ambitions and dreams. Somebody who can encourage them when they need it the most and somebody who fully trusts their life plans more than anybody else.

Be a promise keeper

Men do make a lot of promises at the start of any relationship and they are also being very careless breaking them all at the end of it. Women hate those men who aren't able to keep their word and promises. And thus most women want to be with a man who can and is able to keep their promises. Breaking words and promises is a big turn-off.

Be an honest and loyal person

This is one of the most common and important qualities that everybody wants in their future husband. A man who does not cheat is the most important and perfect thing that women look for in their future husbands. A woman needs the guy to be honest about his past because getting to find it after marriage is something that women hate the most.

Present studies mention that most of the users opting for registration prefer going online in search of a life partner because there they find more choices as distinguished matchmaking traditional brokers. If you need a perfect partner with your preferred interest and qualities the best matrimony site in Kerala, Million Matrimony can help you with that. The filtering option and the vast biodata and profile setting help you to choose the best life partner by yourself and it does not more a headache to the parents.

How is The Wedding Industry Growing With Online Matrimonial Sites?

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Indian Matrimonial sites make for a perfect substitute for millions of Indians who are now connected to the internet and still belong to traditional beliefs and cultures. Considering the large reach, extreme convenience, and more privacy, online matrimonial sites are most definitely a preferred way to conventional sources to find life partners. It is simple for anyone to simply log onto the best matrimony site in Kerala of their choice and register by uploading a bio-data with details of their choice. The online matrimonial portals offer friendly interfaces for youth as well as relatives to conduct searches based on their preferences and initiate communication with a click of a mouse. This ideal blend between Indian traditional and cultural systems and modern technology has made it possible for Indian youngsters around the world and explore and find themselves the perfect and settled match for life.

Why Matrimonial Sites?

The school of marriage has changed through the years from arranged marriages and love marriages to modern-day arranged love marriages. But now a concept has emerged that could be defined as niche marriages. According to Hindu culture, marriage is a big festival that is celebrated with full of spirit and blessings. In this ceremony, not only two opposite genders but also two families get into a happy and satisfying relationship. Every year, many people get married with a commitment to spend their life together happily. An online marriage site industry has blossomed into a huge business opportunity due to the need for marriage among the vast youth of India. The growth of online matrimonial services has meant lesser newspaper ads and fewer takers of traditional matrimonial services like handling the matchmaking responsibility to brokers.

What are the changes caused to society by the upbringing of matrimonial sites?

In normal Arranged Marriages, life partners must be from the same caste. In some cases, couples in inter-caste marriages were not accepted and subjected to no approval. Similarly, parent arranged marriages were the norm, and love marriage, the common term used for self-arranged marriage was not given up. In India, especially in Kerala, arranged marriages are often contrasted with love marriages. In general usage, the term arranged marriage is applied to marriages in which the family plays a major role in partner selection. This type of marriage is messed up with love marriage where individuals select their own partners.

The meaning of arranged marriage and love marriage has changed over time. In arranged marriages in the past women used to have little say in their own marriage decisions, but now they are consulted and their opinion sought before marriage decision is made. Matrimony apps and matrimony sites are growing these days because parents now want their children’s approval for marriage decisions. On the other hand, many of the love marriages now have the approval of the parent’s arranged love marriages. Thus, far from being traditional terms, there seems to be a union and overlap between love and arranged marriages now. This is the condition for the rise of matrimony sites in modern India.

Features of an Online matrimony site:

  • Paid registration Or Free registration
  • 100% mobile and email verified profiles
  • Security and privacy control options
  • Safe, secure and confidential
  • Daily matches via E-mail and SMS
  • Accessible customer care centers
  • Photo protection features
  • Browse Matrimonial Profiles by using filters
  • Screening system for prevention of abuses and threats
  • Privacy protection options are more secured
  • Category based selection available for each profile
  • Area-wise portals

These free marriage sites are instant, so convenient and anonymous. It is a powerful tool for discovering compatible and perfect partners and it’s more popular because of an increasing number of successful marriages. The wide range of matrimonial sites in Kerala is also engineering a major social change. Such sites have been around for a while but never in such large numbers and offer such a wide range of options and services. Millions of singles, especially young women, are now depending on the Net to exchange photos, videos, views and opinions before bringing in the parents to convince them they have found the person they want to marry and be with their life forever.

It’s a drastic development in a society where mobility and opportunity are separating parents from their children much earlier than before. At last count, there were so many sites. India has some 38.5 million Internet users and nearly 60 percent are below the age of 25. Of them, 48 percent are registered with matrimonial sites, 51 percent with dating and friendship sites, and 37 percent of Internet users are into both platforms.

Today matrimony apps in Kerala are performing the most important role in the matchmaking process all over the world. The best matrimonial sites help to find the perfect partner for your life. Million Matrimony is one of the most prominent matrimonial site in Kerala that make excellent growth in the last few months. It is one of the growing matrimonial site that helps to find your special one.